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ADR Systems is pleased to announce that the Hon. Donald J. Suriano, (Ret), has joined our panel of senior mediators and arbitrators. Judge Suriano served for 20 years as a judge in the Cook County Circuit Court. The majority of his time on the bench was spent as a trial judge in the Law Division. He consistently had a full docket of cases, yet was known for running a particularly efficient courtroom.

Judge Suriano was an active pre-trial judge who settled the vast majority of his assigned cases.   Due to his high settlement rate, he is revered by those who practiced before him as a highly effective jurist. He brings that same skill and tenacity to his mediation practice at ADR Systems.

According to Judge Suriano, no one really wins in protracted litigation. “Mediation is way to reach a satisfactory resolution of a complex case in an expedient manner,” he notes. “In mediation, I carefully prepare, read submissions and work hard to gain the trust of the parties. When the parties trust me, I am better able to facilitate a successful negotiation and settle the case.”

During his judicial career, Judge Suriano handled close to 1,000 trials and settled thousands of cases. He has deep expertise in mediating auto liability, construction accidents, medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, nursing home, property damage and wrongful death cases.

“Judge Suriano will concentrate his practice in the personal injury area,” says Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems. “He is adept at settling cases and he will strengthen our talented and successful panel of mediators and arbitrators here at ADR Systems.”

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ADR Systems is a perfect fit for commercial disputes that would otherwise find themselves in state court. Though they may no longer have the ability to formally wield the gavel, the former judges at ADR Systems still demand the respect necessary to get parties to the table.

Sang-yul Lee, Esq.Partner, Locke Lord Edwards, LLP