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Hon. Dennis J. Burke, (Ret.) was elected to serve on the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) Assembly Board for Cook County.

The ISBA Assembly Board is responsible for maintaining and developing the policies for the Association. The Assembly meets twice a year and includes 203 lawyer members who are elected on a pro-rata basis from the judicial courts.

Judge Burke has been a senior mediator and arbitrator with ADR Systems since 2012, during which time he has mediated and arbitrated hundreds of commercial and personal injury disputes. He served 15 years on the Circuit Court of Cook County, where he conducted over 1,500 settlement conferences and presided over 700 commercial cases and law jury trials. Judge Burke has won acclaim for his settlement skills and is known for his keen ability to build trusting relationships with all parties.

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Judge McNamara was instrumental in settling a very difficult and contentious case. Although I disagreed with certain (not all) of Judge McNamara’s legal positions, she expressed her opinions in a way that got my clients to focus on other things besides their dissatisfaction. There was nothing but bad blood between the parties, and Judge McNamara appealed to the better nature of both sides to resolve their differences. These intangibles, plus her experience, social skills, and ability to translate the process to the parties in an understandable way from a judge’s perspective, were all instrumental in settling the case.

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