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ADR Systems congratulates Hon. William J. Haddad, (Ret.) for receiving the Chicago Bar Association’s (CBA) Vanguard Award.  The Vanguard Awards were established in 1998 to honor individuals and institutions who have made both justice and the legal profession more accessible to the Chicago community.  The reception will take place on April 20th, 2016 at the Standard Club. 

Judge Haddad was selected for the Vanguard Award for his significant contributions to the Arab-American community.  These contributions include founding the Arab-American Bar Association and the United Trust Bank, the first Arab-American community bank in the United States.  Judge Haddad also serves as vice president for the Arab-American Business and Professional Association.

Judge Haddad is a senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems.  He brings his vast experience, legal knowledge and gregarious personality to all of his mediations and arbitrations.  His broad background allows him to resolve a wide array of commercial and personal injury disputes.

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We were pleased with the outcome of our settlement, and with the efforts put forth by Judge Bronstein.  It was a marathon session, but Judge Bronstein worked with both clients and urged us to be patient until there was sufficient movement towards settlement.  Thanks to Judge Bronstein and ADR Systems.

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